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Nigeria is installing 80TPD cassava flour processing machine

Nigeria is installing 80TPD cassava flour processing machine


In 2016, our factory delivered a full series of 80TPD cassava flour processing machine to Nigerian customers.

The cassava flour processing machine production line can process 80 tons of fresh cassava flour every day. After a complete set of cassava flour is processed, we will finally obtain pure cassava flour.

Nowadays, Nigeria has only a small number of cassava flour processing factories, which have very large production capacity compared with other factories.

After the Spring Festival, our technicians went to Nigeria to guide the installation process of the entire cassava flour processing machine. The customer did not open 6 containers until the engineer arrived. During this month, the customer was very supportive of our installation work. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Now, the technicians are doing the connecting pipes, and then the whole factory will be completed.

The size of the 80TPD cassava flour processing plant is 20x60 meters. After commissioning, the plant will operate normally, with a considerable operating profit for one year. This will also attract more customers to establish new cassava flour processing plants.

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