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The old cassava flour processing plant is under maintenance to prepare for the smooth production in the later period

The old cassava flour processing plant is under maintenance to prepare for the smooth production in the later period

Some cassava flour processing plants have been running for a long time, and there will inevitably be some problems, big or small. Kaifeng Sida tells you that the cassava flour processing equipment should be maintained regularly to prepare for the smooth production in the later period.


1. The processing technology of cassava powder used in the cassava powder processing plant in the sedimentation tank is backward. The process from washing to crushing is mechanized, but most of the later stages are completed manually. The starch slurry in the process is not purified and impurities are removed. The starch slurry in the later stage is completed by natural sedimentation. Due to good equipment configuration and environmental problems, the finished starch is rough and dull in color. Therefore, the machine production process can be used for the back-end manual process, which can improve the process and starch quality and reduce labor costs.

2. The wet potato starch processing is a swirling flow processing method. At present, most large cassava flour processing plants generally adopt the fully automated production design of the swirling flow method. From the cleaning of potato raw materials to the drying and packaging, mechanized production is used to reduce manual participation and provide production safety and starch quality. The whole process is sealed processing, which is not affected by external factors. The finished cassava flour has large output, good taste and stable quality.

The maintenance of such starch plants is to timely replace the parts that had problems in the last production and replace the old vulnerable parts, so as to provide conditions for the smooth production in the future.

Kaifeng Sida suggested to update the cassava powder processing equipment and add the pre crushing stage, so as to better separate starch particles from the powder and reduce the crushing pressure in the subsequent crushing stage. The patency of the hydrocyclone improved the starch extraction rate and flow rate. In addition, cassava flour processing equipment and raw material contact parts are made of stainless steel, providing starch hygiene problems.

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