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cost of complete potato processing machine

Potato Peeling Machine


product description:

This machine is suitable for peeling and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and potato. Suitable for restaurants, guesthouses, colleges, factories, mines, canteens, food processing plants. This machine has a high depuration rate, low breakage rate, clean, sanitary, high production efficiency, simple operation, convenient, and is an ideal peeling equipment. After the potatoes are placed in the barrel of the machine, the rotating dial continuously turns the potatoes and rubs and peels the potatoes. The potatoes are peeled more efficiently due to the constant friction of the potatoes on the barrel. The lower skin is rinsed clean, and the dirt flows out with the water through the drain.

1. Regarding prices: The prices marked on the Internet are reference prices, which are different according to the information released. We cannot introduce the prices of each model one by one. We hope that when you order, the detailed price and Please consult customer service for mechanical parameters.

2. About payment: Our machinery does not support online Alipay transactions, because machinery is different from clothing and belongs to large items. Transportation and transportation costs are different, so please understand.

3. About freight: Our price does not include shipping costs, because different regions of the country, the freight varies. The shipping cost is calculated according to the size of the equipment purchased by the customer and the distance of the road. Please contact our customer service for the specific cost.

4. Regarding transportation: the arrival time is determined according to the distance. Generally, the arrival time is 3-7 days (does not exclude other irresistible factors, the arrival time is delayed, please forgive me).

Potato slicer

Scope of potato slicer:

Sweet potato slicer and sweet potato slicer are developed and produced in accordance with user requirements. The machine is novel, compact, advanced in technology, and easy to operate. Sweet potato slicer has high production efficiency and reasonable price. Sweet potato slicer is widely used in vegetable processing industry and food industry. One machine is multi-purpose and cost-effective. Can cut radishes, maling potatoes, taro, coriander, melons, etc.

 Adjustment of operating specifications

The machine knife is composed of a slicing knife, a cutting knife and a cutting knife. When the slicing knife works alone, it can be cut into slices. When it is actually processed, install a cutting knife set to process it into silk. Put the cut wire into the processing again to obtain the small dice, and when cutting, install a cutting knife set to process into Square bar, put the square bar into processing again to get the square. Tool change adjustment. When slicing, loosen the wing nut on the side of the eccentric operation handle, and pull the operation handle inward to make the slice thinner and vice versa. Before replacing the knife set, loosen the butterfly nut, and pull the operating handle to *. After pushing the knife set to be replaced in place, tighten the upper part to rotate, and then move the operating handle outward until the lower end of the movable plate is close to the knife set. Until then, tighten the dish nut.

Note that every time you change the knife set, you should operate in this order

Maintenance and precautions

1 Before use, connect the ground wire firmly to ensure personal safety.

2 Before use, check whether the rotation direction is consistent with the marked direction. If they are not consistent, you need to adjust the motor connector.

3 Remember to wash the cut vegetables and exclude non-vegetable hard objects (such as iron nails and stones) to avoid damage to the cutter.

Potato starch processing machine

The multi-purpose processing machinery for potato and rice bean starch processing is widely used by large, medium and small starch factories and processors.

The machine has simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, high productivity and convenient maintenance. It can continuously complete three processes of coarse crushing, fine refining, and pulp and slag separation of fresh potatoes at one time, achieving a rapid and one-time separation of starch and slag, reducing the time of contact with air and being oxidized, and changing the manual production of starch due to oxidation. The phenomenon of starch color deterioration and darkening caused by the effect. The pulverized slag during processing is filamentary under a microscope, which is conducive to the release of starch from the fibers, thereby improving the extraction rate of starch. The slurry can be reused, reducing wastewater generation during starch production.

4 When not in use for a long time, remove the cutter, remove any impurities in it, and store it in oil.

5 This machine uses centrifugal force to promote the work of cutting vegetables. Therefore, the ideal effect cannot be achieved when the hand-cranking operation or the matching rotation ratio is not suitable. The nominal speed is 1400 rpm. Motor power is 1.5kw, 4 poles, single or triple.

According to testing and statistics by relevant departments, the profit and tax of processing one ton of potato starch is 773.61 yuan; processing one ton of sweet potato starch is 488.24 yuan; processing one ton of corn starch is 315.82 yuan; processing one ton of wheat starch is 231.50 yuan; processing one ton of cassava starch is 192.92 yuan.

During starch processing, about 80 kg of powdery residue is produced for every 100 kg of starch produced. Previously, it was either randomly discarded or directly fed to livestock and poultry as its crude fiber content was as high as 10% or more, which was not easily digested and absorbed by livestock and poultry. The feeding effect is not good and the utilization rate is not high. In order to make full use of this recyclable waste resource, develop livestock and poultry breeding industry, and increase the economic benefits of deep food processing, our company's scientific researchers combined with microbial fermentation technology and used a series of pellet feed processing equipment developed by our company to convert the powder residue into rich High-quality full-price pellet feed of cellulose, protein, minerals and various microbiotins. It has been proved by experiments that feeding chickens with pellets can increase the egg production rate by 15-20%, the average daily weight gain of pigs can be increased by 10-14%, and the cost of feeding fish can save about 37%. Taking fattening pigs as an example, the daily weight gain can reach more than 0.75 kilograms, the feed-to-meat ratio is 3.5: 1, and the feed cost of each kilo of pigs is 1.3-1.5 yuan, while the cost of conventionally feeding 1 kilo of pigs is 2.6 yuan. The daily weight gain of fattening cattle can reach more than 2 kilograms, and the feed cost for each catty of hair is 1.4-2.6 yuan, which is much lower than the cost of traditional fattening cattle, and the meat produced is tender and delicious.-

price of sweet potato processing machine

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