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syrup manufacturing plant cost

syrup manufacturing plant cost-liquid glucose manufacturing process pdf

Our syrup equipments advantages and features:

syrup manufacturing plant cost

-Our machine is enriched with amazing features that make it to be the perfect choice for you to select the syrup equipment for sale:

1. Easy to handle

2. Highly dependable

3. A smart design

4. A complete automation control


The machine set up is completely within the budget of the buyers which they can afford without any hassle. Apart from that, our syrup equipment for sale is reliable that claim to offer better productivity which every business owner expect to have in their organization.

 syrup equipment

-The Qualified Professionals

We have a team of the dedicated Engineers that will do the installation and checking and de-bugging work as well as provide the complete assistance in operating the machine.

To sum up, My company (Henan  Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd) adopt the modern and advanced technology for manufacturing the syrup equipment for sale, we are professional in the syrup manufacturing plant design and construction, also design and manufacturer all syrup equipment for sale to you, include the auxiliary equipment.

1) Mixing tank: Unloading corn starch to the feed chute. With water adding and PH value adjusting, it is sent to the heating tank for softening. The heated corn starch milk is pumped to the jet cooker. After this, we can get a transparent and sticky liquid because of the interaction, although it stops stirring, the starch will not be precipitated. Its the first step for syrup manufacturing process made by our syrup equipment for sale in fact.

(2) Liquefaction: The starch milk is liquefied by jet cooker with the aid of liquefaction enzyme. Then the material is sent to flash tank and liquefaction tank for cooling and liquefaction.

(3) Residue separation and drying: The liquefied material goes to plate frame filter press machinery for separating. Then using the process water wash the residue to recover glucose. After washing, the residue is sent to bundle dryer machine for dreg drying. In this section we can get a by-product, protein cake, a good products for animal feeding, that's to say you can get an add-value by our syrup equipment for sale.

(4) Saccharification: Sending the adjusted liquefied material to saccharification tanks and add enzyme for reaction. After being kept a certain time reaction, the required DE value of the glucose is produced, then sending to the enzyme killer to kill the enzyme.

We are a professional syrup processing machine supplier, with 26 years of research and development and manufacturing experience, customers who need liquid glucose manufacturing process can consult us

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